Water Treatment Fundamentals

Water Treatment Fundamentals – Part 10

Water Treatment Fundamentals – Part 10




Haven’t had the floor mean reduction, so activated carbon can take flora, flora means out of the water, but it takes time, it takes contact time to do that. So I would have to flow the water through a block like this really slow in order to get the chloramines break down and you get it removed and effectively so it’s not efficient. It wouldn’t be worth doing. So instead of doing it through a regular block like that, what I can do with it, with the carbon, the activated carbon is actually catalyze it so I can add a catalyst to the carbon to make it work quicker. That’s what catalyst is. It makes things work quicker. Um, there’s a number. Any time you see catalytic carbon or catalytic medias or anything like that, that the catalyst means that it’s just something’s been done to it to make it work more effectively for the floor or the chloroplast.


What we’ve done is we’ve surface treated the carpet so that there’s more sites, there’s more reduction sites so that they surface area is amped up for the chloramines reduction. So that’ll still flow the same. They appropriate the same amount of water that you would get through it for a similar carbon block for chlorine reduction, and then it’ll be able to take chloramines in the water. Your customers, I’m guessing based on what you said Rosie, your customers are becoming more and more and more aware that there are chloramines in the water versus chlorine. They need to be, they need to understand that it takes a different filter to take chloramines out of the water than a regular activated carbon filter. So they’re getting. Because if they’re using that for pretreatment for things protecting ros or doing things that they’re, they’re not going to get the performance that they’re expecting that they used to get for chlorine reduction. So clore plus cartridges, especially if you know you’ve got chloramines in the water around here, we should be promoting that more and more than that. Takes a special archers to do that. It’s not very well in Houston.


Do coordinate was in Korean and have the same effect on it? Yes. Yeah. Um, initially the idea what an ion exchange resin. Yes. I don’t know that it’s the same how it works. And what it does, but they’ll still adopt both break down the bonds across crosslink bonds. Um, I believe it might be in a different way that happens because the initial. I haven’t really cool picture. You should touch on process when. Alright, I can do that. I can do that. If you go to like a hardware store and you get like a resistant toilet flapper and irregular flipper, you’re massively different. I feel like me to be eating more of the plastic, I think that the way that they, the way that they attack those materials is different. Or like it’s just like you’re just warming one. Here’s your regular one. I don’t think the home depot, what is the, it’s going to do now. I’m just saying it’s again, the plastic more like the alarming resistant blood level is much bigger because it’s bigger, bigger,


the stronger rubber. So their mind is not eating it.


When we make chloramine resistant seals, her vowels and stuff. I guess we still use epds, but it’s a different. It’s a different material. So it’s like a take versus like.


Sure. Yeah.


It’s exactly like that just changes the, it changes the direction of the rigidity of the rubber changes so that it stands up better, one versus the other.




All right. Thank you. Yeah, you’re welcome. You already got your mouse pad, man. Keep it up. All right, so I’m going to flash through this real quick just because give you an eye line on some of the things that are available. Again, benefit with pet. There is breadth of product line so you have everything that you see. There are some of the things that we talked about. The range of cartridges in addition to carbon cartridges and sediment cartridges, which you can see here, specialty cartridges like for softening or for innovation and that’s making pure water. Pure h two o h two o on its own pure h, Joel on its own doesn’t occur naturally.




period. She will kill yours. Um, when we started. You’re not making it for consumable water though. The book, they do it for like washing computer board. Drink the water. It will kill you. Okay. So the AI cartridges will make pure h two o, but you’re not supposed to drink. That’s fine, but will it really makes things. So if I’m making. So think about this, water is a primary ingredient in a ton of different stuff, right? If I want to make the best liquid soap and I’m one of and one, my primary ingredient is water. I want to start with the most pure water that I can. So when I add the other stuff into it, I have a product that is the highest level of final result. I know I can. I can control my result because I know that the thing I started with that I call water is the I water h two o.


So it’s not making it for drinking water, it’s making it for production of liquid soaps. Labs use it for a sub. Straights just grow cultures and stuff. Starting points. I’m making cure. Hdo brought up about a integrated circuits production of integrated circuits. Water on its own does not conduct electricity. Pure h two o does not conduct electricity. In fact, it’s a very, very good insulator. It’s the stuff that is dissolved in the water, the tds that creates the free electrons that conduct electricity. Does that make sense? Yeah. So whenever you were a kid and started hitting him while you were in the pool and your, your family was like, get out, you know, electric beater, that’s good, right? It’s all the ions that are dissolved in the water conducts electricity straight age too, and you’re swimming in it. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting electrocuted now.


You wouldn’t have to work. You would have to worry about stuff getting extracted out of your skin because that age to the pure h two o would be so. So for your standard white homeowner, like a regular consumer, they’re not going to want straight eight zero. They’ll say they want it. They just don’t know. So that’s my question, is at 96 to 98 percent range. So there’s still some pds in the water. It’s not beautiful. So like Bobby Boucher is totally wrong though, say cartridge. So these are housings. You have specialty cartridges that also do like polyphosphate feeds, calcite feeds, things of that nature. We have housings that we can do, so we have big blue housings, we have standard housings, we had slimline housings for fitting all kinds of manner of different flows and cartridge sizes. We also get into the east series, so that’s more of an industrial.


Now this line has been limited down quite a bit in the last year, 18 months, very restricted down, but we still do have stainless steel housings in this manner in carbon steel housings called the east series so we can get into bag filters and so forth, are really high demands. The breadth of the product line is that is the strength and I’m just going through here to let you see. Get a look for that. All of this information is in this presentation, so it is stuff that we can hand down to you for reference material was what you were referring to. You felt clear criminal. Why not? Issues with replacement rate. Okay.


Now there’s definitely more limited lifespan on the acrylic than there is on a standard polypropylene housing song and then the other. Somebody wants you out there every week to change filters. Okay. Challenge. It’s a little high temperature. We have high temperature housings it with stainless steel as well as the high temperature polly polly polly goes up to honor and 50 degrees. I’m all natural. That’s more of a. that’s for like the institutional, so this is a virgin material that is has the reason that it’s used in certain places because it has no lead shuttle components in it. That’s for. It’s not going to comprise. It has no danger of lending itself to anything in the water. Would that be.


I don’t think that the pro. I think a lot of our materials so prop 65, it has to do with California and what they’re looking for as far as leachables and stuff into the water and we’ve been asked to do with volatile organics being relational water. It’s not that prop 65 isn’t a challenge for the specific product group. It’s that it’s a challenge to get that prop. 60 five rating is a cost and additional cost does the additional cost and getting that label on justified doing it. If it’s just going to be a limited number of. Yeah, I would imagine it would be the case. Yeah. Um, here’s your pleaded lines and then all of the information about the pleated series string wound cartridges and then all man or poly a melt blown cartridges and so forth. So again, this is just for your information. We also make dual gradients so bigger, so outside surface.


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