Water Treatment Fundamentals

Water Treatment Fundamentals – Part 19

Water Treatment Fundamentals – Part 19



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So let’s take this off, let’s take the law. Usually at this point I would go and grab my channel locks, but I just so happen to have a branch today because I have an inch and a half inch. Just a little turn on the piston cap. Piston is held in place by threaded cap. So that’s the internals. So you’ve got the. You have a piston inside, polymer piston and then ceiling space or cartridge. All integral and it doesn’t matter which way it goes in. It’s the same both ways. Okay. The Piston, there’s three different pistons. They’re indicated within inc on the edge of the piston, so it’s white, yellow and blue. So white is a downflow softener. Yellow’s a filter piston and blues and up flow soccer. But the main thing is you don’t necessarily have to dig it all apart to find out what’s inside.

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There’s an indication on the outside that will let you know, okay, this is, this is huge for service people who are used to valves that are 25, 30 years old. Getting in there and pulling this all out in one piece is a big savings timewise. And and pain and everything. Okay, so I’ve just taken it down all the way to the bones to put it back together again or put the cartridges in the ceiling space or cartridge. I just put the piston inside and I read that back down to flush. Very easy. Now I’ve put it all back together again. I’m going to hand these around for now. Just so you guys get the idea. Now this has silicone grease. This is what it looks like and I’ll put it up here if you want to take a look at it. So that’s the 58, 12 hours I took it apart but essentially with a flat tip screwdriver and a channel locks.

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And it took me even with all the questions and answers and everything, even going through it the way we did. And once I put this back together again, my guess is that it’s still would take less time than say a 25 or 30 year old valve, one of those brass body valves that are still out there, international builder. Any questions? So this valve, what it does is it goes through those sequence steps and makes that system work. That’s what the function is about, does it, does not treat the water. What’s in that tank treats the water, but it makes that system run better longer. That’s what we’re trying to do.

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couple of different things I’m looking for just to make sure that there’s power lines up the way it’s supposed to. Just want to make sure that everything is at the proper level set that Mr Rod and lines up with the with the nod that

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most makeup that makes the piston run through cycle steps. But I’m glad you’re so considerate and I put a cover. It’s a polycarbonate plastic back together. Again, that’s pretty quick.

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Goes through the formatting screens. I’m going to say I just powered it back up again. It doesn’t know what position I took it apart. Put back together again and verifies it’s in home and I’m going to cycle it now. Backwash. What am I doing? Clean out the bed. What’s the next step?

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And a softener.

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So back washed it. Now I need to rejuvenate it with

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salt water. So I’m going to draw in saltwater. I’m Brian and Ryan. No, I’m in wrench now. I’m going to fill them with water to make salt water for brining for next time. And now I’m back.

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