200 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
200 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Model: L1-200

Manufacturer: Axeon

AXEON L1-200 – Series 200 G PD Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems are a cost–effective solution for light commercial RO applications such as coffee, tea, food preparation, misting, hydroponics, detailing, and more.

L1 – Series features a compact wall mount space–saving design and comes pre–assembled and ready for out–of–the–box service with simple utility connections. The L1 – Series models are available in capacities of 200 and 300 gallons per day and feature a single pump design for reliable performance.

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200 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

System Capacity (GPD)


Standard Recovery


Nominal TDS Rejection


Dimensions (in)

9 x 18 x 19

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