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Commercial water treatment is an important component of protecting a businesses assets and improving the efficiency of water using appliances. Replacement and maintenance costs for plumbing, fixtures, and appliance can be costly. Luckily, most water quality issues can be avoided with the proper commercial water treatment solution.


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There are many issues that can be caused by poor quality water. Lime scale is caused by hard water and can build up on heating elements, fixtures, and plumbing. This lime scale is difficult to remove and could lead to costly replacement and maintenance. A water softener can effectively remove scale causing minerals which will help to reduce or eliminate these costs. Chlorine, bad tastes, odors and heavy metals can cause problems for various industries including food and beverage, hospitality, and housing. Removing these contaminants requires the use of a water filter. A water filter will remove chlorine, heavy metals and improve the taste/smell of water so your company can provide better quality products and services. Oftentimes, business require water quality to be improved more than is possible by softening and filtration alone. These business require the highest quality water possible to improve products, or to avoid reactions with certain contaminants. Reverse osmosis is these businesses best solution for removing most contaminants that can be found in water supplies.

International Filter can assist you with determining which commercial water treatment solution is right for your customers business. We can provide support with system sizing, installation, and after sale support. Please read more about our commercial water treatment systems. Please contact us if you need assistance with your application.

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International Filter has helped reduce costs and improve efficiency with our high quality water treatment systems. We provide wholesale solutions to a large range of water quality issues.