Commercial Water Filter
Commercial Water Filter
What is a Commercial Water Filter?

A water filter removes impurities from water through physical separation and chemical processing. While there are many types of filters, the most common is a carbon water filter. These filters remove chlorine, sediment, VOC’s and bad tastes and odors. These filters work by trapping pollutants through a process called carbon adsorption. A carbon water filter works great when combined with a softening system to protect your customer’s business from unwanted contaminants. Other specialty medias exist for removing a broad range of other contaminants. International Filter can assist you in determining which type of commercial water filter is best suited for your application.

Our Commercial Water Filter Systems

A commercial water filter system from International filter is designed for commercial and light industrial applications. Our commercial water filter systems are manufactured from the highest quality components to deliver a cost effect and reliable water treatment solution.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Providing quality water to your customers businesses is very important to us. Many times this requires a customized water treatment solution. Whether the removal of a specific contaminant is required, or your customer has unique size/configuration requirements: we have the expertise to create a commercial water filter system that is tailored to your customers specific requirements. We can design filtration systems to address the following issues:

  • Iron Contamination
  • Arsenic Contamination
  • Nitrate Contamination
  • Chlorine Contamination
  • High Total Dissolved Solids Content
  • pH Imbalances

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International Filter has helped reduce costs and improve efficiency with our high quality water treatment systems. We provide wholesale solutions to a large range of water quality issues.