Commercial Reverse Osmosis
Commercial Reverse Osmosis
What is Commercial Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis (RO) uses a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants from your water. Water pressure pushes incoming water through a special membrane to remove a large percentage of impurities. Reverse osmosis (RO) has the potential to remove total dissolved solids, bacteria, lead, nitrates and many more unwanted impurities from your water.

Our Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

A commercial reverse osmosis (RO) system from International Filter is designed  for commercial and light industrial applications. They provide superior performance, high recovery rates, and minimal energy consumption. These systems have daily capacities ranging from 1,800 – 21,600 gallons. Our commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems are manufactured from the highest quality components to provide a cost effective and reliable commercial reverse osmosis system.

Standard Options to Meet Your Needs

International Filter provides a wide range of standard commercial reverse osmosis system sizes to meet the needs of most commercial water treatment applications. We also have the capability to design a custom system meet your specific requirements.


Improve Processes and Decrease Costs

With a Reverse Osmosis System

Our commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems offer extremely high rejection rates and offer high recovery rates, resulting in an extremely economic way to improve your water quality.


● Fully equipped, customizable and economical
● Expandable and lightweight design
● Decreased size of dimensional footprint
● Components easily accessible
● Easy maintenance and servicing
● Low operation cost
● Low Maintenance cost
● Made in the U.S.A.


C22 Computer Controller with:
● LED Display
● Pre-Treatment Lockout
● Tank Level Input
● Low Pressure Monitoring and Alarm
● TDS Monitoring with High Point Shut-Off
● Feed Flush
Membrane Elements
● Ultra Low Energy Membrane Elements
Membrane Housings
● Fiberglass Membrane Housings
Filter Cartridge
● 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
Filter Housing
● Pentair Single O-Ring Cartridge Housing
● Permeate and Concentrate Flow Meters
● 0-100 psi Glycerin – Filled Pre and Post Filter Pressure Gauges
● 0-300 psi Glycerin – Filled Pump Discharge and Concentrate Pressure Gauges
Flow Control
● Composite Feed Solenoid Valve
● Feed Low Pressure Switch
● Permeate Sample Ports
Pumps and Motors
● Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Booster Pump
● Chemical Pump Outlet
● White Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

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