Residential Water Softener
Residential Water Softener
What is a water softener?

A water softener is you best choice for protecting your fixtures and appliances from hard water. These systems use ion exchange technology to remove calcium from your water. The process of ion exchange uses special resins to replace the magnesium and calcium ions that can build up on fixtures, appliances and plumbing, with ions that are more soluble in water. The result is soft water. A water softener using ion exchange is currently the only cost effective way to remove hardness from water.

How is a water softener different from a conditioner?

There are some key differences between a water softener and a water conditioner. A water condition modifies the hardness ions to make it less likely that they will build up on your appliances and fixtures. This can reduce scale build up, but does not actually remove the hardness ions from your water. A water softener on the other hand, completely removes these hardness ions using a process called ion exchange. While both technologies provide good protection from hard water, a water softener will provide the greatest long term protection from hardness ions.

How do I know which size softener is right for my customers home?

Choosing the right water softener is an important step when determining the ideal treatment solution for your customers’ home. Choosing a water softener that is the right size can often be a confusing process. Water softener size depends on the size of a customers home, and how hard their water is.  International Filter can assist with the sizing process. Sizing guides for our water softeners can be found in this downloadable pdf. If you still need assistance with sizing a water softener for a customers’ home, please contact us for technical support.

How Can My Customers

Benefit from a water softener?

A water softener can provide many benefits to customers dealing with hard water issues. Three key areas that your customers will see a noticeable improvement are savings in money, savings in time, and benefits to health.

Saves Customers Money

A water softener reduces the build up of lime scale by removing calcium from water. A reduction in scale means customers fixtures, water using appliances and plumbing will last longer and run more efficiently. This will save them money on expensive replacements. A water softener will also reduce a customers soap and detergent consumption because they work more efficiently with soft water. Also, a water softener will help customers clothes last longer by removing the abrasive calcium from their water.

Saves Customers Time

A water softener reduces the buildup of lime scale by removing calcium from water. With less scale building up on fixtures, tile, dishes, tubs and toilets, customers will spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things that matter.

Help Customers Feel Better

A water softener help your customers hair and skin feel healthier. Calcium in the water prevents soap from doing its job and also builds up on the skin preventing dirt and oil from being washed away. Soft water will allow your customers to feel a truly “clean” feeling.

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