Chemical Free Water Conditioning
Chemical Free Water Conditioning
What is chemical free water conditioning?

Chemical free water conditioning is different from water softening. Chemical free water conditioning is a treatment solution designed to reduce the buildup of lime scale. These systems modify calcium ions in a way that partially prevents them from adhering to surfaces and forming lime scale. These conditioning systems can be coupled with filtration technology to provide multiple treatment solutions in a single unit.

How is a water conditioner different than a softener?

There are some important differences between a water softening and chemical free water conditioning. A water softener uses a process called ion exchange to remove hardness causing minerals from your water. A water conditioner does not remove these minerals. Instead the minerals are coated to prevent them from building up on water using appliances, fixtures and plumbing. While you will see a reduction in scale buildup, a water hardness test will show that the hardness minerals are present in the water after conditioning.

How Can My Customers

Benefit from a water conditioner?

Hassle Free

A conditioner saves customers time and money. No maintenance required with chemical free operation means your customers never have to replace salt.

Saves Money

Help customers avoid costly replacements. Helping customers worry less by keeping appliances, plumbing, and fixtures free of lime scale resulting in longer life.

Saves Time

Help your customers have more time focusing on what's most important. Since less scale will deposit customers will spend less time scrubbing fixtures, tile, tubs and toilets.

Better Tasting Water

Removes impurities to give customers great tasting and smelling water. Get healthier water by removing chlorine and some bacteria to ensure your customers stay healthier longer.

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