Residential Reverse Osmosis
Residential Reverse Osmosis
What is Residential Reverse Osmosis?

Residential Reverse osmosis (RO) uses a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants from your drinking water. The water pressure in your home pushes incoming water through a special membrane to remove a large percentage of impurities. Reverse osmosis (RO) has the potential to remove total dissolved solids, bacteria, lead, nitrates and many more unwanted impurities in your drinking water.

What are the stages in a Residential Reverse Osmosis (RO) System?
  • Pre-Filter

The pre-filter, or sediment filter on a reverse osmosis (RO) system is designed to remove large particles from incoming water to protect the membrane.

  • Carbon Filter

The carbon filter on a reverse osmosis (RO) system removes chlorine and organics from incoming water. One or more carbon filters may be used to prevent chlorine from damaging the membrane.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

The reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is semipermeable. This means it allows essentially pure water to pass through, while filtering out unwanted contaminants.

  • Storage Tank

The reverse osmosis (RO) storage tank holds purified water so you always have clean refreshing drinking water at your disposal.

  • Post Filter

The post filter on a reverse osmosis (RO) system removes any taste or odor that is left behind after storage.

How much impurities are actually removed?

Reverse osmosis is the ultimate tool when your customers end goal is pure drinking water. Under optimal conditions these systems can remove nearly all contamination from incoming water. The membrane in a reverse osmosis system is able to stop water contaminants, while allowing clean purified water to pass through. A reverse osmosis system can potentially remove the following percentage of contaminants:

98% Sodium, 98% Calcium, 98% Magnesium, 97% Potassium, 98% Iron, 98% Manganese, 98% Aluminum, 95% Ammonium, 98% Copper, 98% Nickel, 99% Zinc, 98% Cadmium, 97% Mercury, 98% Lead, 95% Chloride, 95% Nitrate, 95% Flouride, 96% Silicate, 98% Phosphate, 97% Chromate, 95% Cyanide, 98% Thiosulfate, 96% Bromide, 98% Sulfate

How Can My Customers

Benefit from reverse osmosis?

International Filter can provide reverse osmosis (RO) systems to meet your needs. We have extensive knowledge in water purification. We have two standard systems to address the most common household situations, or we can build a custom system to meet your specific requirements.

RO400 - 4 Stage Residential Reverse Osmosis

Our four stage reverse osmosis (RO) system is capable of producing up to 50 gallons of better than bottle quality drinking water per day. This reverse osmosis system comes with a pre-filter to remove chlorine and bad tastes/odors; a reverse osmosis membrane to remove sediment, micro-organisms and most other impurities; and a post filter to ensure your water is free of contaminants. With it’s compact size the RO400 is the ideal system for limited space applications.

RO500 - 5 Stage Residential Reverse Osmosis

The ultimate in home reverse osmosis (RO) systems, our 5 stage RO combines all the benefits of the RO400 with an additional pre-filter to substantially increase the life of your membrane. This means long term savings in replacement RO membranes and time.

Saves Time

If you require additional protection from microorganisms in your water, we can integrate an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation unit to your reverse osmosis (RO) system. These units are a cost effective way to disinfect the water coming into your home. These systems can be up to 99.99% effective at removing any microorganisms that remain after reverse osmosis treatment.

Beautiful Cosmetic Options

International Filter understands that the aesthetics of your customer’s home is very important to them. We offer a range of beautiful reverse osmosis (RO) faucets to ensure we have a match for most customers current fixtures. We offer faucets in brushed nickel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze finishes.

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