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International Filter offers a large range of standard home and commercial water treatment systems, and can design custom systems to meet your needs.

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International Filter

Simplicity Meets

Whole Home Scale Control

Control scale, remove iron, chlorine and sediment with a simple to change cartridge. Easy installation with no drain, electricity, or salt!

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Whole Home Scale Control

Water Treatment Solutions

We produce some of the highest quality commercial, residential, and light industrial water
softeners, water filters, water conditioners and reverse osmosis systems.

Chemical Free Water Conditioning

Residential Water Softener

Residential Water Filter

Residential Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Water Softener

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Water Filter

Custom Water Treatment System

Treatment Solutions for Almost

Any Water Quality Problems

We have developed high quality water treatment systems to correct or improve almost any water quality issue. We provide
water treatment solutions for residential, commercial and industrial environments. We can provide solutions for hard water,
water filtration, and water purification. In addition, we provide our customers with the resources they need to keep their
customers systems in working order.

Home Water Treatment

Are your customers complaining about lime scale or bad smelling and tasting water?

Commercial Water Treatment

Is your business spending too much money on plumbing repairs and general maintenance?

Service Guides

Do you have a water softener control valve that is giving you a hard time?

International Filter?

International Filter?

We don’t believe in making false promises, or providing products that don’t meet your expectations. We value our customers businesses as much as we do our own. Our expert staff is always available for technical support, custom system design, warranty support and customer service. We believe our commitment to honesty and after sale service adds value to every aspect of the International Filter experience. Here are just a few reasons to choose International Filter as your water treatment system provider:

  • Expert staff to assist with system sizing recommendations and installation.
  • We use the highest quality components to ensure long lasting products.
  • Wide range of standard sizes to make ordering easy for most applications.
  • We have the ability to design custom or multi-stage water treatment systems to your specifications.
  • We are always available for technical support, warranty support and customer service.
  • We can provide commercial water treatment systems to a broad range of industries.
  • We have been proudly providing our customer with high quality water treatment systems for over 50 years.
Improve processes &

Lower Operating Costs

We can help many industries produce better products and increase equipment life with our water treatment solutions.

Jay @ International Filter delivers top quality water treatment system that work great and perform outstandingly! The Plumber Guy has been using IF products for years and our customers enjoy the many benefits of having a local OEM company making us great products to enhance our services!

The Plumber Guy

I have used international filter on several plumbing jobs. I like the way they are easy to install and instructions are easy to follow. International filter is internationally filter great!

Spencer M.

We used to sell and install another brand that was similar in concept. There was always the factor of health to our customer if it will interact with their meds. On my own house I switched to the Core unit and removed the other name unit. It was like night and day between the units. We have installed about 8 units in 2018 so far and everyone loves it and loves they don’t have to change the cartridge every three months or so.

Victory Plumbing

We’ve been using IFilter products for years. They are the only systems we use personally or suggest to customers inquiring about filtration and conditioning systems. High quality coupled with excellent warranties.

Melanie F.

International filter is the honestly the best place for all your water filtration needs. They are very knowledgeable about all their products and the needs that all us Arizonians have when it comes solving our awful water problems. Whether it be hard water, chlorine, chloramines, TDS, etc… The quick service they offer is unheard of and to actually be able to have your system be rebedded instead of replaced is extremely convenient.

Cruz I.

Very knowledgeable when discussing water treatment. Can build any type of system for your needs. Even builds systems to remove arsenic.


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International Filter has helped reduce costs and improve efficiency with our high quality water treatment systems. We provide wholesale solutions to a large range of water quality issues.