Commercial Water Softener
Commercial Water Softener
What is a Commercial Water Softener?

A commercial water softener is the most effective water treatment system for protecting fixtures, plumbing, appliances and equipment from hard water. These systems use ion exchange technology to remove calcium from water. The process of ion exchange uses special resins to replace the magnesium and calcium ions that can build up on fixtures, plumbing, and equipment; with ions that are more soluble in water. The result is softer water. A commercial water softener using ion exchange is the most cost effective way to remove hardness from water.

Our Commercial Water Softener Systems

A commercial water softener from International Filter is designed for commercial and light industrial applications. We can produce systems with capacities up to 1.5 million grains. Our commercial water softener systems are highly efficient and can be configured to meet your requirements. Systems can be fitted with times or metered controllers and can be designed in single, twin alternating, duplex alternating or parallel, triplex alternating or parallel, quadplex alternating or parallel, and progressive flow configurations. Our systems can achieve flow rates up to 750 gallons per minute.

Improve Processes and Decrease Costs

A commercial water softener can greatly reduce costs in a variety of processes. A water softener will essentially eliminate the issues that develop from the buildup of scale. As a result process equipment will operate more efficiently and for a lot longer than the same equipment using hard water. This can drastically reduce time and money spent on maintenance and replacement. Soft water also greatly improves the efficiency of detergents. In detergent dependent industries such as car washes and commercial laundry mats, this can mean a huge reduction in operating costs.

Features and Benefits of a

Commercial Water Softener

Every commercial water softener produced by International Filter uses the highest quality components and ion exchange media. Our commercial and light industrial water softeners are rugged, versatile and efficient, ensuring your processes have quality water for the foreseeable future.

Wide Range of Sizes

International Filter can produce commercial water softeners with capacities ranging from 25,000 to 1.5 million grains. This ensures we can provide you with a system that is tailored to your application.

Durable Construction

International Filter commercial water softeners are produced with ultra-high strength thermo-wound fiberglass enforced polyethylene tanks, ensuring your equipment can handle the most demanding application for years to come.

Flexible Configurations

International Filter commercial softening systems can be designed in multiple configurations, ensuring your system is highly efficient and you always have soft water even during regeneration.

Integrated Solutions

International Filter can design a complete water treatment system to meet your needs. Our commercial water softeners can be combined with filters, and commercial reverse osmosis systems to address a wide range of water quality problems.

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