Residential Water Filter
Residential Water Filter
What is a Residential Water Filter?

A water filter removes impurities from water through physical separation and chemical processing. While there are many types of filters, most homes can benefit from a carbon water filter. These filters remove chlorine, sediment, VOC’s and bad tastes and odors. These filters work by trapping pollutants through a process called carbon adsorption. A carbon filter works great when combined with a softening system to protect your customer’s families and homes from unwanted contaminants.

Custom Water Filter Solutions

Providing quality water to your customers home or business is very important to us. Many times this requires a customized water treatment solution. Whether your customer requires the removal of specific contaminants or have a unique size/configuration requirement, we have the expertise to create a filtration system that is tailored to meet specific requirements. We can design filtration systems to address the following issues:

  • Iron Contamination
  • Arsenic Contamination
  • Nitrate Contamination
  • Chlorine Contamination
  • High Total Dissolved Solids Content
  • pH Imbalances
How Can My Customers

Benefit from a water filtration system?

International Filter can provide water filtration systems to meet your needs. Our water filters are designed to remove many contaminants that can affect your customers daily lives. Here are a few benefits your customers will receive from a residential water filter system:

Improve Taste and Smell

A water filter can remove the chlorine and organic compounds that cause unpleasant tastes and smells in your customers’ water.

Improve Appearance

A water filter removes the sediment from your water that makes it appear cloudy, leaving you with crystal clear refreshing water.

Improve Health

A water filter removes harmful chlorine and VOC’s which are linked to illness, allowing your customers to worry less about whats in their water and more about what’s really important.

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