Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System
Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System

This multi-function combines a whole home chemical free conditioning media with activated carbon to reduces scale buildup in plumbing, fixtures and appliances by inhibiting scale causing minerals ability to cling to surfaces. The Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System also removes up to 99% of chlorine and filters sediment down to 20 microns.

The Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System™ combines the durability of a Pentek® housing with the simplicity of a replaceable cartridge.

The versatile Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System™ comes in multiple configurations depending on the size of your home and the quality of your water. A Core Water Treatment System can protect your family and your home from poor quality water.

Whole Home Chemical Free Conditioning and Filtration

The Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System™ provides whole home filtration and greatly reduces hard water buildup. The Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System’s easy to replace cartridge protects plumbing, fixtures, and appliances by trapping scale causing minerals in its proprietary media. The Core also improves taste and odor by removing chlorine and organic contaminants. The proprietary media inside each cartridge also removes sediment down to 5 microns, resulting in cleaner, clearer drinking water. In addition the Dual Core Complete Water Treatment System forms a protective layer on pipes and fixtures to protect against acidity/alkalinity, hardness, chloride and other factors that cause corrosion. As an added benefit, dissolved iron is trapped to help prevent staining and discoloration. Finally, the Dual Core features a specialty media that removes heavy metals and controls the growth of bacteria and algae.

  • Removes sediment down to 20 microns
  • Removes heavy metals like lead and mercury
  • Controls bacteria and algae
  • Removes taste and odor caused by chlorine and organic
  • Prevents hard water buildup on plumbing, fixtures and appliances
  • No wasted water
  • No electricity
  • No chemicals
  • No need to buy and haul salt
  • Safe for the environment
  • Reduces amount of time spent cleaning
  • Simple to change Core cartridges
  • Keeps clothes in good condition
  • Saves money on detergents
  • Does not effect the pH of water
Dual Core Water Treatment

System Features

With over 60 years of manufacturing water treatment systems we understand that product quality and after sale support are the foundation of a positive customer experience. We don’t believe in making false promises or providing products that don’t meet your expectations. To this end the Core Water Treatment System was designed with the highest quality components available to ensure you will have great tasting treated water for years to come. Some of the features available for the Core Water Treatment System are:

Easy Installation

A water filter can remove the chlorine and organic compounds that cause unpleasant tastes and smells in your customers’ water.

1 in NPT Ports

The 1″ ports on the Core Water Treatment System will give you optimal flow and because they are NPT will provide a leak free seal.

1 in John Guest Push Fit Connections

Two 1″ John Guest Push Fit fittings provides for extremely simple installation.

Durable Filter Housing

The Core Water Treatment System only uses durable, time-tested Pentek housings. These housings are made of the highest quality materials and provide long life and great flow rates.

Easy to Change Cartridge

All Core Water Treatment Cartridges come individually packaged and ready to install into your system. Simply depressurize the system, unscrew the sump, discard the old cartridge and replace with a new one. It’s that simple.

Built in Bypass and Pressure Relief Valve

Cartridge changes are made even more simple with the built in bypass and pressure relief valve. No need to plumb a bypass. Simply turn the knob, relieve pressure with red button on top, and perform your cartridge change!

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