Residential Whole Home Water Filter – WFF1500
Residential Whole Home Water Filter – WFF1500

The International Filter WFF15000 Whole Home Water Filter is a cost effective way to provide high quality water to your costumers. This whole home water filter system removes chlorine, chloramines, organics, VOC’s, and improves taste/odor. This water filtration system features multiple plumbing options to ensure installation is easy and fits your needs. Our whole home water filters can also be paired with a water softener to increase softener life while still providing whole home filtration.

Residential Whole Home Water Filter - WFF1500


Fleck 5810


1.5 cu/ft

Average System Life

6-8 Years

Port Size


Backwash Rates



Chlorine, Chloramines, organics, VOC's, color, odor

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