Water Treatment for Car Washes


Water treatment is very important to car washes. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium present in the water supply can have a negative impact on costs and quality of the service provided. Hard water reduces the efficiency of detergents. This means a lot more detergent is required to do perform optimally. Soft water can drastically increase the effectiveness of detergents, resulting in huge savings for the car wash.

Hard water can drastically reduce the quality of the wash. When minerals are present in the water it can cause etching and scratches in car paint. Hard water also leaves spots of lime scale on the cars exterior after drying. When water evaporates it leaves behind minerals creating these spots.

A car wash will typically use two water treatment solutions to counter these problems. These are water softeners and reverse osmosis. A water softener using ion exchange will remove hardness from water, increasing the efficiency of detergents. A reverse osmosis system will remove nearly all contaminants from water and is typically used in the spot free rinse cycle to eliminate spotting after drying. Combined these two water treatment solutions will save your car wash money and increase the quality of service you provide your customers.

International Filter has extensive experience providing water treatment systems to the car wash industry. We have the expertise to design a treatment system specifically designed for the size of your car wash. We can provide the highest quality water softeners and reverse osmosis systems to help your business reduce costs and increase service quality.

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International Filter has helped reduce costs and improve efficiency with our high quality water treatment systems. We provide wholesale solutions to a large range of water quality issues.