Food and Beverage Water Treatment

Food and Beverage Water Treatment

The food and beverage industry relies on quality water treatment systems to reduce costs and improve the quality of its products. Chlorine, biological and other contaminants can effect the taste and odor of water, which in turn can affect the quality of food and beverages produced with it. These industries typically use commercial grade water filters, and reverse osmosis systems to remove these contaminants, so food and beverages taste like they are intended to.

Hard water can also have a negative effect on the food and beverage industry. Hard water can deposit lime scale that can plug up spray nozzles, and other fixtures. A water softener will remove the scale cause calcium and magnesium, keeping your fixtures clean and increasing equipment up time. Hard water can also have a drastic impact on boilers and cooling towers, decreasing efficiency and overall equipment life. Softening your process water will result in reduced maintenance and replacement costs of your cooling and heating equipment.

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