Healthcare Water Treatment

Healthcare Water Treatment

Healthcare facilities rely on cost reduction and quality of service. The quality of a healthcare facilities water can have a direct impact on both. A water treatment system can improve the quality of your facilities water, resulting in savings on maintenance and replacement of fixtures, equipment and plumbing in addition to providing high quality purified water for lab testing services.

Hard water can be an issue for any healthcare facility. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium that can deposit on fixtures, appliances, and plumbing. These deposits are known as lime scale. Lime scale can effect your bottom line by increasing time spent cleaning by janitorial staff, and increasing maintenance and replacement costs for water heaters, fixtures, plumbing and air conditioner cooling towers. Removing hardness from water will decrease lime scale and reduce operating costs. Hardness is removed from water with a water softener. Water softeners use ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from water resulting in longer lasting plumbing, fixtures and water using appliances/equipment.

Healthcare facilities also rely on the accuracy of laboratory test results to make accurate diagnoses. Impurities in the water used for laboratory testing can effect the preciseness of these tests. A reverse osmosis unit can remove most of these impurities to improve water quality and increase the accurateness of your testing services.

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