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Water Treatment for Well Water

Homeowners relying on well water, also rely heavily on water treatment systems. Well water can become contaminated by nitrates from fertilizers, bacteria, heavy metals, iron, and much more. Water quality testing needs to be performed on well water to determine the best treatment solution. Treatment systems for well water can be water softeners to remove calcium and magnesium, water filters to remove chlorine, heavy metals, and tastes and odors, and reverse osmosis to purify drinking water.

A water treatment system can protect your customers families and homes from contaminated water. A water softener can increase the life of plumbing, fixtures, and water using appliances. A softener can also reduce cleaning time and detergent use. A water filter can improve the taste and smell of your water by filtering out chlorine and organic material. A reverse osmosis system can remove most contaminants from your customers drinking water.

Whatever the cause of contamination in your customers well water, International Filter has a water treatment solution for them.

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