Multi-Family Housing Water Treatment

Multi-Family Housing Water Treatment

Multi-family housing complexes can benefit greatly from a water treatment system, specifically a commercial grade water softener. A water softener can assist in decreasing costs associated with the maintenance and replacement of fixtures, plumbing and water using appliances.

Hard water coming into your housing units can have a dramatic effect on everything it touches. Hard water contains calcium or magnesium that can deposit in plumbing, fixtures and heating elements in water using appliances. These deposits are known as lime scale. Lime scale can reduce the efficiency of heating elements in boilers and water heaters when the elements become coated over time. The increased effort required to heat water leads to higher energy costs and eventually equipment failure. A water softener can eliminate the scale deposits resulting in decreased energy costs and longer lasting appliances.

Tenants typically do not take care of a rental property like they would there own home. They tend to ignore things that may cause future work and problems for the housing property owner. If hard water is present and bathrooms/kitchens are not regularly cleaned, lime scale can build up on faucets, toilets and tile. This means the property owner will need to spend more time preparing units for future tenants or be forced to make costly replacements. A commercial grade water softener will remove scale causing minerals from the water so your customers can avoid these issues, saving them time and money.

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